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    ABOUT US關于合普

    Tel: 13902000345

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    Tianjin hope industry & trade CO., LTD has a history of 20 years and has become a national hi-tech company focused on the R&D and production of toxicology instruments. The HOPE is a member of China Society of Toxicology and has received the quality management certificate ISO 9000. For years, to ensure the products can advance with the times, we actively exchange ideas and cooperate with universities and scientific research institutes. Besides, we attend many domestic and international academic exchange conferences every year, such as China toxicology academic conference, the World Congress of toxicology, European Congress on toxicology, the United States Congress of Toxicology and so on. The HOPE obtained repeatedly such honors as Tianjin technological progress award, the advanced unit in technological innovation and intellectual property, special funding awards of promoting economic development and technological innovation. There are more than 100 invention and utility model and design patents, protecting nine categories of more than 80 scientific experiments.

    Our products

    l  Inhalation exposure system

    l  CO2 anesthesia equipment

    l  Disinfection device

    l  Cell culture exposure system

    l  Specific environmental simulator

    l  Medical equipment

    l  Smoke setup

    l  Skin phototoxicity analyzer

    l  Auxiliary facilities



    Tel :(02227211551  27211540 

    Hot line13902000345 


    E-mail: tjhopemed@163.com

    Address 6th Floor, Yinghuan Building No.2, Hongqi Road No.192, Nankai District, Tianjin, China

    Post code 300110